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                              Press Release
  White Pine Electric Power, LLC  


White Pine Electric Power, LLC (WPEP), a subsidiary of Traxys North America, LLC, is the owner and operator of a 40 MW coal-fired power plant located in White Pine, Michigan, which has been providing reliable electrical service in the Upper Peninsula since 2004. The bulk of the output from the facility is contracted to a local utility company.

The staff at WPEP is well-versed in solid fuel operations. There are two coal-fired boilers, which are also cross-engineered to run on natural gas, to provide steam to two 22.0 MW (rated) electrical generators. There is a third, stand-by generator that is cross-connected between the two boilers to provide excellent operational reliability and performance.

Despite the complexities of handling solid fuel, the plant has added extra capacity along with increased stability of voltage. The availability and safety record have been outstanding. The facility in White Pine has operated at above 99% availability and since 2004 there have been no lost time accidents at the plant. The management and operating team at WPEP has demonstrated their dedication to provide outstanding reliability while safely operating the facility.

WPEP is a Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO) market participant and has been involved in the MISO market since prior to Day 2 implementation. Our staff is involved with and understands the market from an independent power producer perspective, even as the MISO market goes through a continuously changing process. WPEP also has full FERC authority to create market-based rates.

For more information, please call 1-906-885-7100